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Hiiii book lovers, welcome to my first post on my new blog ♡ I have high hopes for the future of this site, and I’m super excited to share my a few things about myself with you guys on here, but I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself yet. I thought we’d begin with a tag that seemed perfect to launch my blog with— #fiveinterestingthingsaboutme tag, from ages ago that I can’t even find the original post of who tagged me. The tag is self-explanatory, so without further ado I’d like to tell you lovelies five things about me  ツ

1. I’m an introvert & dreamer type

If you ever see me, chances are I’m daydreaming. It’s so easy for me to check out of my surroundings and imagine something—whether it’s about the stories I write, a debate I saw on Twitter, or just a mental to-do list for the week, I’m always dreaming about something about there. It’s only a burden when I look up and realize I don’t remember anything about the page I just read.



2. Official hufflepuff & proud

Once I took the Pottermore test and it gave me a Ravenclaw identity. Ravenclaw, no matter how much I’d like to be, isn’t me. I retook the test (okay, so I had to remake an account to do that) and I was named an official Hufflepuff (◕‿ ◕ ) Sure, Hufflepuffs are by far the least loved house in the entire HP series—but we’re kind, loyal, and our house is nearest to the Hogwarts kitchen (and that’s what matters here) Plus we’re the badgers, and honey badger don’t care (please tell me someone remembers that video)



3. I’m currently self-teaching myself calligraphy

This one may be a bit of a stretch. My bestie Anna (ig ≫ @alittlebookworld) began to study calligraphy and soon I was jealous enough to follow her lead (◕‿- ) I don’t actually have the ‘legit’ calligraphy pens, but I’ve been using fine point markers, pens, pencils—anything with ink.This summer I hope I receive a pen or two for my birthday. (I’ve heard they’re actually quite a struggle to use) Until then, I’ll keep filling my letters in instead.



4. I was a ‘writer’ before I was a ‘reader’

Yes, this is actually true. I credit Diary of a Wimpy Kid and various children’s books for being my gateway into my bookish passion, but before then I was writing stories as of age 7. I can recall  a story about Beanie Babies as my first ever book (hey, there’s no judgement here) As of 2016, I am still an active writer and since then I’ve only improved more and more each year—at least, I hope so. And don’t even get me started on NaNoWriMo.



5. I’m (more or less) ambidextrous 

Being born left-handed is both a blessing and a burden. On one hand (pun very intended) I get to say I’m only 1 in 7 people, but it’s proved that I need to adjust my life in order to live properly, i.e. I use scissors with my right hand, I write regularly with my left, and use a mouse with my right—but I’m not the 1 percent that can write with both hands (although a little learning wouldn’t hurt) so really I’m just cross-dominant, as the internet claims. Either way, it’s still pretty cool.


So, I hoped you guys learned a little bit about me and enjoyed the cute (albeit convenient) gifs in the process ✧ I figured that if this blog post is only the first of many, I might as well get the awkward, quirky introduction aside first.

keep reading,

Jill ♡


9 thoughts on “#fiveinterestingthings tag

  1. Good luck with the calligraphy – it’s not nearly as hard as it looks, although like a lot of things, practice is required. I started when I was ten, doing zigzags and rows of Os. Zigzags are good for helping you learn how to hold the pen to get the thicks and thins.

    When I started, calligraphy pens were dirt cheap – when you’re learning you don’t need an expensive one. Consider getting a left-handed one, if you write with your left hand. It may make it easier to get the right angle.

    Again – good luck!


    1. AHHH thank you for the advice! Especially the left handed calligraphy pen, I didn’t know those existed, so thank you so much 🙂 Practice makes perfect!


  2. feitdz0p]sd i”m left handed too WE TWINNING. but i love this post so much jill! JUST TO POINT OUT YOU SAID THAT YOU PRACTICED CALLIGRAPHY WITH PENS, PENCILS- ANYTHING WITH INK BUT PENCILS DON’T HAVE INK?! im just trying to find flaws i feel bad now bye


    1. YAY LEFT HANDED BUDDIES ❤ Oh, aha thanks for pointing that out! But I mentioned markers and pens, which have ink, and I couldn’t have said “anything with ink or graphite” bc only pencils use graphite, so I guess I wanted the sentence to just f l o w (pun very intended)

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  3. Jill, I’M LEFT HANDED TOO. Good luck with the calligraphy, I hope you’ll have fantastic goals with it ✨


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