Reading Goals – Summer 2016

Okay! School ended yesterday and I am so ready to just read, read, read every day over summer break. Sure, I’ll be up to some non-book related things, but this year however, I’m compiled a few readings goals of mine to accomplish in the meantime. Hopefully, I reach all of them by the time school returns in August *shudders* 

1. I want to catch up on my goodreads challenge

According to Goodreads, I’ve read 34 of 125 books. Now, I don’t know how you are at math, but half of 2016 is almost over, and 34 isn’t isn’t even c l o s e to half of 125. Through June, July, & August I hope to catch up immensely so I can complete my challenge by the end of December.


2. Read a new release

I plan to read a few books I’m anticipating this summer—This Savage Song, The Cursed Child, PS I Like You, etc.) Why a ton of young adult novels are released in the spring + fall and not in the summer I will never understand, because my schedule drops everything once my summer break rolls around. Back to the books, they all sound really amazing and I hope to read them asap.


3. Reread / rewatch the Harry Potter series

I haven’t read Harry Potter in a g e s. I only binged the movies as of summer 2015, but as for the books it’s been nearly four years and I’m clueless. I have a slight tendency to put unread books before any sort of rereads. But with the convenient release of The Cursed Child, I thought, why not give the series another go? I’m going to read each book and watch each movie accordingly, I guess. It’s best if I reread them anyway, because it’ll be wonderful to return to the wizarding world again and finally understand again what they talk about in the hp discussions, thanks for ridiculing me, tumblr







4. Have a birthday book haul 

July 28. That’s my birthday. I hope to either receive enough books to post a hella awesome haul or enough money to buy a haul myself. I might even get to once and for all experience Universal (by Universal, I mean Harry Potter world) at the end of August too! I can name plenty of books I’d love to receive, but if everything goes well, maybe I’ll ask for another shelf too ~◕‿-


xoxo, jill


12 thoughts on “Reading Goals – Summer 2016

  1. Yay for no more school! I got out of school myself and we actually have some pretty similar goals. I want to finish my reread of Harry Potter from last year (on book 4!) so once I get through a few of my ARCs, for-fun, and school books I will hopefully get to that reread. It sounds like a lot but not really! Happy early birthday 🙂 (P.S. I think you and my sister are birthday twins!)

    Jess @ POB!


    1. AHHH congrats on your summer vacation that’s awesome. I hope you get to Harry Potter sometime this summer too! And birthday twins? How sweeeeet ♡


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