Wrap Up + Hauls

Hauls ➵ #B-Fest

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend Barnes and Noble’s first ‘Teen Book Festival’ hosted at stores nationwide. I must admit, it was really fun. Or, as much fun as spending half of your weekend surrounded by only a handful of people and surrounded by books you can’t afford can be. However, there were a few perks—which, of course, included prizes. 

To top it off, Friday night began with a bang. Okay, not a bang, but more like a quiet, smooth transition: “is everyone ready to begin?” The hosts handed us packets with blank spaces for answers. From quotes to actor names to locations, the trivia was centered around primarily YA fiction—which was a huge plus for me. Finally a test where I actually knew all of the answers!

Once the quiz finished, I tallied my score and was. . .disappointed. 23 / 40 points? That’s not that bad, per se, but my friend however, had a total of 27 points. Where did I go wrong, then? I panicked and handed my packet to my friend, who tallied it again and said, “Jill, you have 28 points.” What? As I began walking up to collect my prize, my friend said, “your reading skills may be great but your math definitely are not.” And I could only agree.

First off, the bag I received was black with “I read ____ before you did” on one side. The prize included 2 arcs:

In addition was a second bag with a quote from The Young Elites (score!) Although perhaps my favorite thing included in the prize was a little card from Penguin Teen, explaining that the winner of this card is eligible to receive up to 6 arcs from Penguin in 2016 (Score!!!)

The books sent will be a mystery to me, of course, but I can pick one arc of my choosing from the four books given. Happily, I checked Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. Gemina? Gemina?! It’s one of my most anticipated releases of 2016, and I can just have it? Incredible.


The quotes portion of the trivia was humiliating. I really need to brush up on my first lines of books, apparently. We were handed two different packets containing first lines of selected YA novels, but on average, out of over 20 books, I’d be lucky to reach 6 / 20 correct at all! My friend and I came to a tie. The hosts decided to try a few tiebreaker rounds.

After 5 quotes neither of us had even the faintest clue which book they were from, the host asked me politely to step down and let my friend keep the prize, since I had received one already. Oops, I hadn’t thought of that. So, I agreed, and my friend received the bag.

That concludes my haul from Friday night. My two friends also scored themselves a bag of bookish goodies as well. And since I drank a caramel iced coffee earlier from Starbucks, it was really turned out to be quite an incredible evening ❤

Up and early was Saturday, arriving at the local Barnes and Noble around 10:50 am. It didn’t matter, I was r e a d y to win (hopefully) some more arcs. The events began with a display of snippets at hot new reads to be published 2016, and a bunch of other various bookish goods. The sneak peeks I snagged includes:

Not only did I snag a few sneak peeks, but I grabbed The Unexpected Everything emoji sticker + a booklet from epicreads. My friend snagged most of the same things as me, but she took the black and white dust jacket of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and the fiercereads coloring book.

Overall the amount of free stuff given out made me really feel I like was at bookcon. (Okay, so it’s not the same thing, but let me have my moment, alright?)

My complete #BFest haul ≫ ARCs +sneak peeks + other goodies

After a delicious (& hella expensive) lunch at Panera Bread, my friends and I returned to watch the second half of the local author panel. To be fair, I didn’t actually see it. While two of my friends hung out to watch the panel, my third friend and I trailed off to scour the shelves of the YA section, just trying to keep ourselves busy. She talked to a boy about Star Wars and how she nor I looked our age. (“I know, I get that a lot.” -both of us, at the same time) By the time the panel ended it was late afternoon, and the writing games were about to begin ✎

The first challenge included a handful of teens at a table with a blank sheet of paper, instructed to finish the prompt: And then I woke up, finally. I’ll avoid going too much in depth about my story, but I wrote a page about a girl who woke up in the hospital with no memory. Pretty typical, but it won me first prize 🙂

My second B-Fest haul includes a bag and 2 books inside. Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld and Before, After, and Somebody in Between by Jeannine Garsee. Seeing Afterworlds made me really happy, because it was one of my fave reads from 2015.

After the writing games, all of the buzz subsided and people began to leave. Along with my friend, we bought candy at a nearby shop and looked over all of the things we’d collected throughout the day.

That’s pretty much it, guys. It was overall a fantastic day and I had lots of fun spending hours on end in a bookstore surrounded by only my kind of people. I really hope Barnes and Noble does it again next year ❤

Do you see any of your faves? Comment!




5 thoughts on “Hauls ➵ #B-Fest

  1. I loved seeing this haul, Jill! Congrats on snagging an ARC of Kids of Appetite as well! I’m dying to read that one, so be sure to hit me up when you do! 🙂


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