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Hiii loves ❤ I was tagged by the lovely Sophia from vivalabooklife in the Musical Book Tag! As soon as I noticed that I was tagged (thanks Soph) I knew I had to do it right away. She tagged me almost a month ago, but there’s no need to point that out.

Reading the prompts, I was a bit upset there wasn’t any Hamilton I’m absolutely trash now  but I hope sometime in August to post my Hamilton book tag, so watch out for that 🙂

Hamilton aside, let’s get started. 

Wicked: favorite fictional friendship

Andie, Toby, Palmer, and Bri from The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson had the most incredible, loyal friendship. I loved that all four of them were distinct in their own way, and they didn’t fade into the story, like a lot of fictional friends do.


Sweeney Todd: favorite villain

Is this even a question? The Darkling from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo is my *absolute fave* I feel like one of the few people who shipped Alina + the Darkling, and not the whiny Mal. “Fine, make me your villain.”

Phantom of the Opera: favorite love triangle

One of my biggest turnoffs for YA books nowadays is love triangles. But there is ~one~ specific love triangle that just makes my heart swell with happiness. And that’s the legendary herongraystairs from Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare—which includes Will Herondale, Tessa Gray, and James ‘Jem’ Carstairs. Even though I ship Wessa slightly more than Jessa, when all is said and done, either of these ships fly with me 🙂


The Lion King: favorite sidekick 

This was one a bit difficult, but it weathered down to Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. Simon is your typical Jewish nerd with glasses, a love for Nintendo, and *spoiler* immortality because he’s a vampire. Simon + Clary make the best pair—only second to Jace + Clary 🙂

Grease: least favorite ending

I have so many books that could’ve been counted here—from Deathly Hallows, to Allegiant, to Half-Blood Prince to. . .well, All the Bright Places. So I’m going with Jennifer Niven’s insightful, but devastating YA debut novel. I nearly cried once I finished this book, but I was in class so I stifled my tears 😦


Matilda: favorite book ➙ movie adaptation

Harry Potter + The Hunger Games are my favorite adaptations ever. Not only are they loyal to the book, but they’re cinematic enough that they can easily be enjoyed without reading a page of the books though I recommend it because the book is always better. In fact, I start my Harry Potter movie binge tomorrow to prepare for The Cursed Child on July 31st.


Les Miserables: favorite fictional death *spoiler alert*

When Queen Levana of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer finally died in her home on Luna, we readers known as Lunartics gathered in the streets to cheer. I despised Queen Levana with a burning passion. She was always snaking her way into our heroes’ lives, wreaking havoc. And when she tried to force Kai into marrying her?? *gags*

In return, I’m going to tag ➙

Anna from alittlebookworld

Nicka from readbynicka

Erika from bookmidnight

I hope you guys enjoyed my choices! Do you like musicals? Comment some of your favorites below ❤




16 thoughts on “Musical Book Tag

  1. Ugh! Queen Levana! For a minute I thought…maybe Fairest will make me understand why she’s so evil. Maybe I can throw her a little sympathy. Sigh…alas, she was just rotten to her very core & had to GO! 😂😂😂 great answers!!! 💕


  2. Jill, thank you so much for the tag! I haven’t seen a musical yet *sighs* but I really would like to see one 🙌


  3. No, no, you’re not alone. I’m team Darkling all the way. “Fine, make me your villain.” (*swoon*). It’s why I deided to finish this trilogy with book 1.

    LOL, I’m pretty sure the only loveable love triangle in the world is The Infernal Devices trilogy. Seriously. Cassandra has officially managed to make something that turns me off in a book into something that makes me swoon and cry all at the same time.
    But yes, for me it’s always Wessa!
    For me, love triangles are the second worse thing in a book (the first being insta-love). But with The Infernal Devices… I just could not find myself hating it or finding it frustrating in any way. It was just so… raw and real and beautiful.
    I think I’m tearing up just by thinking about it.

    It took me a while to be really taken in by Simon. I don’t know why, but I didn’t instantly like him. Still, I can see why you chose him as a favorite sidekick – even though I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like to be called a sidekick. He’s as much as a main character as Clary and Jace (:

    Allegiant. Grrr! Don’t even get me started on this book. I get riled up just by thinking about it.

    I totally agree with you. Harry Potter and The Hunger Games movies are something else. They are *the best* book to movie adaptation I’ve ever seen. Bravo!

    Ah yes, queen Levana’s death 😀
    I really startled my mom when I randomly shouted “FINALLY!”

    I loved this tag! Your take of it was so much fun and engaging to read! (:

    My blog:


    1. Aw thank you for the comment, I had lots of fun reading! And I agree, Simon is a main character, but I was struggling to name a sidekick (and I certainly don’t like Mal) so. . .as for the rest, yes, I couldn’t agree more ❤


  4. Super fun post Jill! and though I have my issues with The Darkling, I did love his character to bits.


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