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Hi readers! For the month of August I collaborated with some awesome people (@booksthetics @readsleepfangirl + @alittlebookworld) to bring you one hella rad August bookstagram challenge ❤ Below will be an explanation for each day / prompt, just to clarify + provide some examples for a few of the prompts! Either way we really hope you guys can join us 🙂


1. TBR: TBR stands for “to be read” so just post a photo of some books you plan to read this month!

2. #alitupbookworld: Fairy lights! Torches! Christmas lights! Anything that lights up, just stick into your photo 🙂

3. #bookishheart: You can either arrange several books into the shape of a heart, or just fold the pages of a book into a heart ❤

4. Country Pride: This prompt is up to you! Pick a few books that take place in your home country, arrange a flag in your country’s colors, or just show a bit of your culture—any of these is acceptable!

5. Favorite Book Title / Quote: This is also up to your imagination! Arrange some makeshift letters, jot down some calligraphy, or simply take a photo straight from the book!

6. A Character You’d Swap Lives With: Pretty self-explanatory, but choose a fictional life you’d love to have! What would you life be like in their world?

7. Stick a Book in a Tree: Just walk outside with a book and a camera, and stick that book in a tree! Maybe even add some fairy lights like my buddy, Anna (@alittlebookworld)

8. Meet the Reader: Post a photo of yourself! Post a simple pic of yourself or with a book. Just show the world your beautiful, book-obsessed face ❤

9. Rainbow Spiral: Sculpt a tower of books! Be aware spirals are infamous for falling down if not placed carefully!

10. Recreate a Book Cover: All up to you! Pick a book, then either grab a few items of similar colors, make a cake, or pose yourself or friends to match that cover!

11. #twirlingpages: Let them pages twirl! To achieve this beautiful look, you’ll have to break a spine of your book. (Hint: show those spines on day 20) Check out the hashtag for some amazing examples!


12. Current Obsessions: What are you currently obsessed with? A book? A tv show? Food? Perhaps a broadway musical? *cough* Hamilton *cough*

13. Pastel + Flowers: Post a photo of some light-colored books + any flowers you might have! These are honestly my two favorite things.

14. #booksthetics: Put together a small visual list of things that make up you / your account! You have the option to either make a grid of your favorite photos or make an aesthetic (example below) of photos you believe represent your account 🙂


15. Bookspiration: Show some bookstagram love ❤ Take a photo recreating a pic from one of your fave bookstagrammers out there!

16. Bookish Guilty Pleasure: What’s your #bookishhabit? Do you dog-ear pages? Bend spines back? Annotate your pages? Only buy certain books? Tell us!

17. Dream Bookish Candle: Create a candle scent you’d love to see, and describe in the caption just what inspired this scent.

18. #coverbuys: Never judge a book by its cover—unless it’s this day, of course! Show us some reads you purchased solely based on its beautiful cover.

19. Bookish Playlist: Create a playlist for a favorite book, character, or fandom of yours! Either jot down the playlist in a notebook, paste it in the caption, or simply photograph some earbuds next to your favorite book!

20. Broken Book Spines: These things happen, so don’t be ashamed—photograph your broken spines! Either post a pic of your own, or venture into a used bookstore for a photo.

21. Make Me Your Villain: Post a pic of your favorite fictional villain(s).

22. #flamingpages: This book is on fire! (Seriously.) An old book? BURN. Math textbook? BURN. Just a few loose book pages? BURN. Maybe roast some marshmallows while you’re at it. *Please* try this at home, and not in public.


23. Unconventional: Use some props you don’t typically use in your bookstagram pics! Like a violin, or a lamp, or a pet, or anything you just have lying around.

24. #readsleepdisney: Post a pic of your Disney love! Mugs! Funkos! Tees! Mouse ears! Anything works. (Star Wars + Marvel count, too!) Perhaps even a fairy-tale retelling book!

25. Rearrange a Shelf: Arrange any part of your bookshelf in a new way! Maybe rainbow? Height? Genre? Anything is up to you!

26. #bookishwave: Check out the hashtag for some more in depth examples. Take a photo of some books in the shape of a wave! Bonus points if they’re blue books 🙂

27. Behind the Scenes: Remember that mess you made during your last photo shoot? PHOTOGRAPH IT! No shame in a bookish mess, here. I’ve destroyed my shelf before during a shoot, so get as crazy as you want!

28.#flowerpowerjill: Time to venture outside of your bedroom (ah, the light, it burns) + photograph some beautiful flowers! But I suppose fake ones are acceptable as well 🙂

29. House Pride: CALLING ALL POTTERHEADS. Grab your wands, your brooms, your robes, your potions, your patronus—and photograph them! Show a little house pride, or if you conflicted between several houses, photograph them all! Check out to take an official quiz!

30. Haul: Take a photo of some books you bought / received / borrowed from the library this month!

31. Wrap Up: How many books did you read in August? Did you only read one? Tell us here!

The four of us worked pretty hard to bring you this challenge for August we even put it off one month so we’d make it 1000x better so we really hope you get a chance to join us! We crammed as much creativity as possible into our prompts, so we’re glad to clarify as long as you’re willing to participate ❤

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us!

Have you participated in a bookish challenge before? Are you pumped for ours? Comment below!





6 thoughts on “#ChallengeBookamajig

  1. I don’t have a bookstagram account because I suck at photography. I couldn’t take a decent photo to save my life! But this is a great challenge, I’m looking forward to seeing beautiful pictures! 😀


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