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Hey readers 🙂 So I’ll just get right in: I’ve been obsessed with Hamilton since the beginning of July. This whole year I was nagged constantly on social media to give it a try, and I just kept stalling. I’m not even sure why. Listening to Hamilton wasn’t a question of whether I would listen to it, it was a matter of when.

It wasn’t until the end of June that I decided to listen. And wow, how it changed my life. Not only is it the first Broadway musical I’ve become a true fan of, but it has become so much more to me than that. I listen, live, and breathe Hamilton now. In fact when I asked for cash for my birthday, I requested in only $10 dollar bills, and yet none of my family bothered to ask why *blushes*

I’ve been considering this tag since I first clicked ‘play’ on Alexander Hamilton. But I’ve been stalling as well. I think I was just waiting to buy the Hamiltome so I could accompany the post with a beautiful photo of it.  Unfortunately no one has tagged me, but I’m going to go ahead + complete this tag anyway!


The Room Where it Happens a book world you’d put yourself in

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell! As much as I’d wish to be at Hogwarts, Carry On is a modern version of Harry Potter and I’d rather use pencils and cell phones to quills and. . .no cell phone. Plus I’m probably going to use Harry Potter 3 times on this tag, so it’s best I at least try not to.

The Schuyler Sisters underrated female characters

In honor of the Schuyler sisters I’ll name three:

  • Charlotte Fairchild / Branwell from the Infernal Devices – Charlotte runs the London Institute on her own, and commonly proves the stuffy members of the Enclave, the ones who aren’t convinced women can run the Shadowhunter institutes, wrong 🙂
  • Kestrel from The Winner’s Trilogy – Kestrel is by far one of the most intelligent and cunning heroines I’ve read, she saved not only her country, but their enemy’s, just to save the lives of both nations
  • Cress from The Lunar Chronicles – All Lunartics seem to gravitate yes that pun was intended  toward the star Cinder, or the sassy Scarlet, or the gentle Winter, but Cress is my favorite of the four because she proves you don’t need to be on the frontlines fighting to stop a war

My Shot a character that goes after what they want + doesn’t let anything stop them

Celaena Sardothien / Aelin Galathynius 100 percent! I haven’t read a character half as ambitious as Aelin, and it shines through in the story ❤

Stay Alive a character you wish was still alive

Oh gosh, there is so so so so many possible answers to this one, but I’m going to have to go with Finnick Odair, which I bet is a rather popular answer, but the man wasn’t even that old, and his child will never know their father, and that’s my cue to when I start crying all over again. . .

Burn most heartbreaking end to a relationship you’ve ever read


All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, oh how that book destroyed me, enough said 😦

You’ll Be Back sassiest villain

DARKLING, DARKLING, DARKLING, from the Grisha trilogy! Ah, I’m usually not a villain sympathizer but I loved my Darky with a passion ❤

The Reynolds Pamphlet a book with a twist that you didn’t see coming

Red Queen! I know a handful of readers who look back at Red Queen with disgust, calling it predictable + cheesy, but when I first read it I was shocked at the ending, it was so unexpected! In hindsight I probably should’ve expected it, to be honest.

Non-Stop a series you marathoned

In February 2015 I read the entire Darkest Minds trilogy (including the 2 novellas at the time) in a week, I was just grappled into the storyline and when I began TDM Sunday morning I didn’t expect to be gasping at the end of ITA Saturday night 🙂

Satisfied favorite book with multiple POVs

I have 2: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo + The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E Pearson! Both of them are incredible fantasy books with rich, fantastic worlds that I highly recommend you check out ❤

Who Dies, Who Lives, Who Tells Your Story a book series you feel like will be remembered throughout history


Harry Potter, hands down, I believe sometime in the future the next generation of high school kids will be required to read it for English class + be considered a modern classic by then, well at least it’s better than anything by Dickens 🙂

Helpless a relationship you were pulling from the start

Bluegansey all the way! Even when Blue + Adam had a small fling in TRB, I was murmuring gansey gansey gansey the whole time, it’s definitely one of my favorite ships ever ❤

Ten Duel Commandents favorite fight scene

I’ll be honest: I had no definite answer for this one, but I’m going to have to pick the fight at the end of Blood of Olympus, because it was purely epic despite the ending that didn’t really tie up the series just right I haven’t read Trials of Apollo though

Say No to This a guilty pleasure read

I haven’t been a reader of Colleen Hoover for too long, but she introduced me to the New Adult genre + I’m obsessed ❤ I’ve read every book by her within 24 hours because they’re so binge-worthy reads, and I’m well aware of the content, but I simply don’t mind 🙂

What Comes Next a series you wish had more books


Anything Cassandra Clare or Sarah J Maas write it a-okay in my book ❤ I don’t see the need to complain over any series they had to 🙂 🙂

Right Hand Man favorite brotp

JEM CARSTAIRS + WILL HERONDALE, and who is going to disagree with me? This parabatai have a bond beyond anything I’ve read, even when they were torn over the same girl (that takes some strength, my friends)

What I’d Miss a book / series you were late to reading

Harry Potter, again, because I read all 7 books in 2012, which was waaaaay past the publication dates, but I was born in 2000, I can’t help it! But luckily for me I was first of my friends and I hadn’t discovered “the internet” yet, so I wasn’t even spoiled for any of the books #yay

Wait For It a book worth waiting for

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas! I nearly devoured it in a couple of days after waiting an entire year for it, but it was all totally 100 percent worth it ❤

I hope you liked my answers! Have you listened to Hamilton yet?




4 thoughts on “Hamilton Book Tag

  1. YAY I love seeing these Hamilton book tags! My 2 favourite things mashed together :D. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but procrastination. I was so late reading Harry Potter as well. Unfortunately I was spoiled for some… deaths 😦 Love the answers!!


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