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Bookish Boxes #3 — Fairyloot Unboxing

Hii readers! The time has come once again for my third (and final) Fairyloot unboxing! The theme for January was Mystery & Mischief, for readers and fans of Alice in Wonderland, The Night Circus, and Sherlock, including lots of goodies and a stunning U.K. edition of a book that has already managed to sneak into my heart.

Come one, come all to my Fairyloot January unboxing, I hope you have a grand time seeing the gorgeous items and my honest thoughts on the magic contained within each and every box. As you perhaps may have known, I was an official for Fairyloot for January as well as November + December. You can click on my unboxings about those to check them out.

Now, onto what you’ve all arrived to see: the box.

Items featured in the January Fairyloot box:

  • Funko Mystery Mini — Harry Potter or Game of Thrones (I got Ron Weasley!)
  • Exclusive Night Circus quote pillow — Risa Rodil
  • Come Back Yesterday candle — Meraki Candles
  • How to Think like Sherlock book — Daniel Smith
  • Exclusive rose necklace — Oh Panda Eyes
  • Exclusive Alice in Wonderland bookmark — Read At Midnight
  • Caraval (U.K. edition) — Stephanie Garber
  • Alchemists of Loom bookmark
  • Passenger / Wayfarer mini journal
  • Jackaby free chapter download card

I’d definitely have to say that my favorite items were the Come Back Yesterday by Meraki Candles, Alice in Wonderland bookmark, + U.K. edition of Caraval w/ quote print. Details on these items below.

The candle by Meraki was something I had looked forward to since Anissa announced that Meraki would be featured within the box. It smelled of berries, cocoa, + musk, which is a perfect nature scent with a hint of sweetness. It’s my first Meraki candle and I can’t say I’m disappointed at all, it looks fantastic on my bookshelf, too. ❤

The Alice in Wonderland bookmark pairs well with the AiW mystery tone of the January box. If you guys know me, I’m no stranger to beautiful calligraphy and this bookmark is no exception! There’s not much to say beside the fact it’s really pretty and I can’t wait to use it soon.

Now, for the grand prize: a U.K. edition of Caraval by Stephanie Garber. Let’s be honest: Caraval is a highly anticipated book in the YA community. As soon as Fairyloot unveiled their theme for January, I knew immediately that I’d already read this book. But when it was revealed the book would be a stunning U.K. edition, I realized I didn’t have an issue owning two versions of this incredible book. (I just recently posted a 5000 word review for Caraval, so if you’re interested you can read it here.) There were about 4-5 different editions you could receive, actually. I got the copy of Caraval with a golden rose on the inside of the book. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post a photo someplace below.

I currently have a U.S. edition of an ARC of Caraval + a U.K. edition of Caraval, both consequently located next to each other. (Not a coincidence.) If I owned both U.S. and U.K. versions of every book I’d need a second shelf. But Imma let it slide this time. . .

Some of the items didn’t quite catch my attention as much, honestly. I have a friend who looooves The Night Circus, maybe she’d appreciate the stunning TNC quote pillow. As for the How to Think Like Sherlock novel, it’s cute but I have little interest in Sherlock so I might regift it to a (different) friend who adores Sherlock in the future sometime. I love the creativity that goes into every Fairyloot box, but it’s nice to be able to share my stuff to those who would love it even more than I do ❤

Overall, I’d like to say that between November, December, + January, the edition of Caraval was by far my favorite book featured by Fairyloot. The cover is black / white, and has stunning gold accents + calligraphy (I LOVE MY CALLIGRAPHY, OKAY??) and the spine looks amazing from where I see it on my shelf while I type this. As for the rest of the box, my first thoughts were rather underwhelming, but the candle and book outweigh the rest of the stuff to me.

I wanted to keep my review rather concise today, since I have lots of homework and it’s also Superbowl Sunday. (I don’t care about football, though.)

I have to thank the cutesy, but super amazing Anissa for the three months that Fairyloot has given me. I had a blast promoting your boxes on my blog + Instagram, and I would do it forever if I could. This was my first time being featured as a bookish subscription box and back in October, I was at my lowest in terms of Instagramming + blogging, and being picked as a rep was an honor that really helped me get my account back together. (It wasn’t the only reason, but it certainly helped a bunch.)

Thank you most of all, fellow blog readers, for reading my unboxings and continuing to share your thoughts in my comments! You are appreciated just the same! There’s nothing I would do to forget being a rep and I’m getting all sentimental but I really hope I can work with Fairyloot in the future, that would be everything. 🙂

Have you purchased from Fairyloot before? Would you like to? Tell me below!







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