Summer Reading Goals 2017

Hiii readers! I’M SO SORRY THIS IS LATE. I’ve been on summer vacation for nearly a month now. Although, summer was only two days ago. . .I think I’m still good then 🙂

So how are you? I’m wasting my days off with food, blogging, writing, reading—oh, that’s what I always do, regardless of summer vacation. I wanted to do a summer reading goals for 2017, since it was one of the first posts I made on my blog last year. I thought I’d share with you some of my goals as well as what I plan on picking up between now and the beginning of school.

I hope you enjoy!


1. Purchase a YA pride haul I’m going to publish an entire post on my pride haul soon, but for now just know that I splurged quite some money to buy a rainbow stack of YA queer/LGBTQ+ books. Before this I didn’t own very many queer books, so I’m glad I did. However, I won’t be buying books for a longgg time. Cut to me, purchasing A Conjuring of Light and Our Dark Duet.


2. Catch up on my Goodreads challenge Last year I had to reduce my reading challenge, and ended up barely making it. In 2017, my goal for the year is 80 books. I’m about 5 books behind schedule according to Goodreads. Sophomore and junior year happen to be the toughest years in high school, which this summer is conveniently placed between the two *yay* so I want to catch up as much as possible.


3. Host a giveaway/ARC trade/book sale In order to make room on my shelf for more diverse books, I’ve been cycling out old books that I either didn’t love, is problematic, or a cover buy book which I have no other reason to keep. There are books I can’t sell, which will be in a giveaway for 60k on Instagram, and possibly an ARC trade on Twitter. The nice hardcovers I’ve collected since 2014 will be sold through Instagram. If this interests you, I’ll post updates on my social media! (It would be US + PR shipping only, sorry!)


4. Read more diverse books This is a clear given. However, I checked my Goodreads and more than half of my read shelf is diverse books, so I’d like to keep that up during the summer and beyond into my reading habits. Especially if the novel is ownvoices, then I’m all for it.


5. READ THE BOOKS ON MY SHELF I have a few books on my shelf that I haven’t read, as well as some I’ve been putting off for a while that I think I should make a priority. . . *cough* Crooked Kingdom *cough*


Well, that’s it! Whether it’s summer or winter or something in between (looking at you, Canada) these are my summer goals for 2017, and I’m happy to share them with all you lovely readers.

ALSO I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO BLOG MORE. I’ve been crap at posting during the school year, so maybe I’ll fix that this summer, starting with this blog post. I also might write more discussion posts, or something more than just my reading habits. (Which I’m sure is interesting but also kinda tedious.) If there’s any discussions you’d love to see me tackle, comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts ❤

Thank you for stopping by! What are your summer reading goals? Comment below!




17 thoughts on “Summer Reading Goals 2017

  1. I’m also trying to read more of the books already on my shelf… I just borrow books from the library so often that I never really get around to reading them.

    Good luck with your goals! 🙂


  2. it’s currently winter in my country, and winter break only lasts for a month, but i also have a bunch of goals. i definitely share the goals for reading more diverse books and, mainly, catching up on my goodreads challenge. i’m not so far behind, but i do want to take my free time to read as much as i can, since i’m aware that once school starts again, it will be almost impossible to find time to read. i hope you have a fantastic and very productive summer, jill!


  3. One of my friends challenged me to read 16 books in the summer. Probably won’t happen but since I was challenged I’m going to try.


  4. Awesome post Jill! I am sooooo behind on my goodreads challenge, I need to catch up the summer. Good thing I just got on break!!!


  5. I’m looking forward to the LGTBQ+ post. I was looking for some good ones for a while now but haven’t found many satisfying ones. I need help! 🙂
    -Lisa (getfreefalling.com)


  6. I’m really looking forward to your lgbt+ post! I’m also try to read more diverse this year and I’m really excited to see what you’ve picked up!


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