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Bookish Boxes #4 — Muse Monthly

Hello readers! Today I have an unboxing from one of my most admired bookish subscription boxes — Muse Monthly!

If you haven’t heard of them, Muse Monthly is a monthly subscription box which caters to (more often than YA) adult diverse books and provides a type of tea that goes with each monthly read. Compared to other boxes on the market, Muse Monthly is much more minimalist in content.

I’ve never received a box until this month, even though I’ve always kind of wanted one. However, Muse Monthly offered to send me a box in exchange for an honest review and I couldn’t refuse! I received the June anniversary box, which contained two types of tea instead of one!


  • Carnivalesque by Neil Jordan
  • Muse loose green tea
  • Muse loose pink tea
  • “read diverse books” sticker
  • “tea books lover” sticker

First off, I adored the mystical carnival vibes I instantly got from the Carnivalesque novel. Judging by the concept of it—a boy named Andy visits the magical carnival, and in the funhouse mirror, Andy discovers his clone. The clone goes home with the Andy’s family while he remains trapped at the carnival with a mysterious girl named Mona goodreads—which overall sounds super intriguing.

At this point, I’m considering purchasing The Night Circus, just so I can add to the mysterious carnival theme going on with Caraval and Carnivalesque. All in all, I’m very eager to read this book sometime this year.

Onto the teas. I love tea. Tea is (usually) healthier than coffee, and can be a nice relaxing decaf drink if I want it to be. However, I’ve never tried loose tea before! From what I’ve read, you can buy either a fancy contraption to brew the tea, or you can use a plain strainer (which I’m considering.) Either way, I’m very excited to try my first loose tea.

Fun fact: from the way the tea tins looked, I assumed they were candles, and even put my unboxing vlog on my Instagram story. I deleted immediately after I realized the tins were in fact, not candles, but loose tea.

As for the stickers, these may be my favorite thing about the box. These adhesive stickers have a glossy finish. One says, “READ feminist multiracial LGBTQIA+ translated neurodivergent DIVERSE BOOKS” and the other “TEA BOOKS LOVE” and I adore them both so much ❤

It’s wonderful to see a bookish box devoted to diversifying YA and adult books, and that’s exactly what you get from Muse Monthly. This was my first box, but I certainly hope it’s not my last! In fact, if they ever need a rep, consider me interested 🙂

As you can tell, I really enjoyed my June box from Muse Monthly, and I hope I can work with them again? I’ll leave the link so you can purchase your own box, or check out their site and what they have to offer. I hope you liked my review!

Muse Monthly: check them out here

What’s your fave subscription box? If you’ve never received one, which would you love to try? Thanks for reading!




5 thoughts on “Bookish Boxes #4 — Muse Monthly

  1. The Night Circus is one of my favourite reads of all time, I absolutely adored it! Definitely worth picking up if you’re enjoying the carnival theme!


      1. Let me know how you find it – the different narrative voices which Morgenstern uses are honestly spectacular!


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