Bookstagrammers I’ve Followed Since the Beginning

Hi readers! Guess what today is? MY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ON BOOKSTAGRAM!! On this lovely day in August 2014, I decided to make a book account on a whim and here I am today. Best decision ever.

I’ll do a little background while you’re here. I began bookstagram August 26, 2014. Prior to that, I reposted textposts about bookish things. Nothing spectacular. I got bored of it, and found book photography on Instagram in my recommended. I was intrigued. It looked like fun, and I thought, “why not?” So here I am.

image1 (15)
I took this lovely photo in early August 2014, basically my first ever photo of books. It’s not even a bad photo, I must say.

As a part of my anniversary celebration, I wanted to show some amazing bookstagram accounts that I found in my early days online, and still follow to this day. Some of these OG bookstagrammers are popular and thriving today, in fact. It’s awesome to see some old accounts going strong (like me, hehe.)

Note: This is only a select few that I chose based on my captions and tagged accounts from old photos. Not every account I knew back then is listed, only those that I still keep up with today. 

Let’s get started, then.

1. FictionTea

Lauren was one of the first bookstagram accounts I truly admired—and still do today! I love the dark atmosphere of her pictures. Bonus points for her majestic bearded dragon. Best of all, she convinced me to read The Bone Season and those books are everything.

2. Britbookboy

OoOoh Andrew also has this dark atmosphere in his photos—and it fits his feed perfectly.  His dog is super adorable (I mean look at her, it’s a her, I think) and while I don’t know a lot about him, he’s a quality photographer and have really enjoyed seeing his Instagram grow throughout these years.


3. LibraryCutie

I love Courtney’s account! She and I have so many tv shows in common—Doctor Who, Jane the Virgin, Attack on Titan, etc. I think we’d make great friends 🙂 Her photography is so vibrant and I love her shelves.

4. LostinLiteracy

AH, ERIKA IS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS! We’ve been close for almost 3 years, which I can’t believe. Her account used to be but now has changed to @lostinliteracy. She’s an advocate for diverse books on bookstagram and always has a flawless feed. I know she’ll read this so hello Erika 🙂

5. TomesandTea

Elizabeth has a very warm, cozy fall aesthetic (you can’t tell here, but I recommend checking our her account.) I especially love the photo of the art/prints shown above! I unfortunately don’t know much about her, but I have been following Elizabeth since I made a bookstagram account and it’s wonderful to see her still active!

6. LifeandLiterature

OMG LOOK AT TRACEY AND HER FLIPPING BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!! She is still doing amazing since I first found her account in 2014 and she has over ! 128k ! followers ! That’s incredible! I forget her old username, though. Either way, hadgjfnk I love her account to bits.

7. _Halfbl00dprincess

ANDIE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! I’ve been a fan of her account for a longggg time (hence the blog post title) but I swear she is the FLATLAY GODDESS! her kid is adorable—when she’s in photos. Plus, she loves coffee. That makes us soulmates (I love coffee.)

So, I guess, that’s it then?? I don’t know what to say which getting super sappy. Bookstagram was my first glimpse of book blogging and what it has become now—posting my photos on Tumblr, expressing thoughts on the need for diversity on Twitter, sharing my opinions on my blog, finding loyal and irreplaceable internet friends, receiving ARCs and other promotions through publishers. I seriously hope I can continue blogging as long as possible.

Damn. I got sappy. Oh well, it was touching.

Props (heh, bookstagram puns) to the 7 AMAZING bookstagrammers I tagged above! There are sooo many accounts I love, these are just accounts who share the same shelf life (more puns) as my account, i.e. the founders of the community (I don’t actually think that highly of myself, but people have told me they made an account because of me and that’s so sweet.)

What I was trying to say was. . .

Thank you. Thank you for the endless support, and here’s to several more years.

Thanks for reading! Are you on bookstagram? Tell me below! Maybe I’ll follow back 🙂




17 thoughts on “Bookstagrammers I’ve Followed Since the Beginning

  1. I’ve been on bookstagram since January and you’re one of the first accounts I followed😅. You’re such an inspiration! And I’m glad to be able to talk over dm sometimes🙊


  2. Happy bookstagram anniversary 😊🎉🎉🎉It is cool you have doing bookstagram for 3 years 😊🎉🎉 Have you ever bored and uninspired? I think i only knew Andie and Erika..
    I am on bookstagram too and I started on august last year. We share same birth month 😊 my IG account is @hanabookreview 😊


  3. Ahh I loved seeing all the different photos, it was a lovely post to read! I used to have a bookstagram, stopped that one and set up another one when I started the blog 😊 I’m not sure I’m following you though so I’m going to go and do that now!


  4. Hi. I just started following your account a while ago and I’m seriously impressed by your talent. I really want to start blogging the way you do but I’m just nervous. You’re a big inspiration to all book nerds. Keep going.


  5. yayyy . actually you are one of the first bookstagram accounts i’ve followed and made me to think to make an bookstagram account and also start doing it and thanks of you i’m so happy to do that . thank you so much:D


  6. I’ve recently started a book- and studygram and you were the first account i followed, your picture and blog post inspire me everytime i see them and i think the fact that you direct attention to books about mental illness and LBTQ+ is really awesome! My instagram account is @studywithlinn


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