NaNoWriMo 2017 — Week 2

Hey readers! It’s been another week of NaNoWriMo! Of the 2 weeks I’ve participated so far, I realized that I’m falling into a pattern. I won’t write for DAYS, and then push out 3k words every day for a few days, and the cycle continues. Just as I’m caught up, I fall behind again.

(And here I am, writing this post instead of writing my book. Mhm. Sketchy.)

I really don’t know what to say about this week! I hit 20k, which is cool, but that’s less than half of 50k and there’s just shy of two weeks left of the month. I AM PANIC. Luckily, next week is Thanksgiving break (it’s about 6 days) which will do wonders for my word count 🙂

I wrote during school! I had some spare time in my study hall so I cranked out 600 words. (That was a 45 minute period, but I’m easily distracted and it was tough concentrating in a new environment since I’m always writing in my sheltered room.)

Also I’ve been crap at reading lately. I read The Hazel Wood Sunday and Monday, but I haven’t read since then, which makes November only 2 books so far!! I’m shook. It’s good that I’m focused on writing, but some days I’m not even focused on that. Ugh. Honestly I wish November would slow down.

But I have hope for next week, with a week break in tow!

As I promised, this week’s NaNo special will be an excerpt from a chapter I wrote a few days ago!! I’m so excited to share my writing, I rarely ever do.

Chapter 25 — untitled

As I downed my third cup of bitter coffee, I realized that a year ago I never would’ve imagined sitting across from Reece Camden in a shoddy diner at nearly one in the morning. In fact, before this month, I assumed I’d never see him again.

Life thought it was so funny, didn’t it?

“Hold it there, partner,” Reece reached out a hand, steadying my trembling fingers. “Coffee? At this hour?”

“Yes,” I muttered, not bothering to look at him.

“So, would you care to explain why you called me to get you? What was it about Levi?”

When the image of Levi leaning in resurfaced in my head, I felt it pierce my heart. A searing weight anchored in my chest.  

Charged on coffee, I briefly explained the situation with my pretend boyfriend, who suddenly decided to be honest—while wasted, which was never a good idea—and pour out his romantic feelings for me. For all I know, he could simply be lusting. Not that I prized myself so highly, but flirting was not my expertise. In all the time we spent together, it never crossed my mind that Levi and I were anything than neutral business partners.  

“That’s. Wow, that’s just—” Shock was etched into Reece’s face. But also intrigue.

“I don’t know why he seemed so surprised that I wasn’t interested. We had agreed to a fake relationship under a contract—and he expected me to fall for him? What does he think this is? Some cheap romance novel?” I groaned, collapsing back against the booth cushion. It was ripped, exposing yellow foam underneath.  

Reece continued to listen, but seemed much more interested in his waffles. I would be too, with a stack of three Belgian waffles topped with a waterfall of syrup cascading down the sides, and fresh strawberries and blueberries inside each individual square. My mouth watered at the sight.

For a while we lingered in a content silence, only the scrape of a fork or clink of a mug—I couldn’t help myself with the coffee, despite its bitterness. Then I snapped my head up.

“Do you remember the last night we saw each other?” I asked. “We were on the balcony when I told you I wasn’t interested in romance? Well, I researched it some more and—and I think I’m aromantic asexual.”

Reece plucked a whole strawberry into his mouth. “Yeah, I remember. But aro-what?”

“Aromantic asexual.”

As soon as the words left my lips, I realized what a comfort it was to say them aloud. Just saying the words made them feel more real. They were tangible, like I could reach out and grab them. Hold them close to me. 

“Yeah, it’s like, I’m not attracted to anyone. I don’t want to date, I don’t want to marry, I’d be happy with just close friends and family.” I grinned. What a relief it was to have an audience to listen to me that wasn’t behind a screen.

Reece nodded, biting into another piece of his soggy waffle drenched in syrup. “I’m proud of you. I’m proud you found that part of yourself.”

Surrounded in a whirl of content and joy, the moment was spoiled when my phone blared. It was an unknown number.

Sighing, I knew it must be for work.

Groaning softly, I clicked accept and answered with my signature chime, “Celia Andrews of Persona Touch in Hollings, North Carolina. How may I help you?” I heard a guffaw a few feet away. Glancing over, Reece was clearly suppressing a laugh.

“Miss Andrews, yes? This is Erica Lombardy. I need your help. My roommate, Ava— she’s at a club somewhere in Raleigh. You see, she just got dumped by her long-term boyfriend and needed to let loose and started drinking and partying and she won’t listen to me, so I thought—”

I audibly groaned, hoping she’d get the clue to hurry it up.

Erica ignored me.

“I thought maybe Ava would listen to a stranger, y’know? So maybe, can you like, find her? I’ll send you a photo of her if it helps. Have some persona befriend her, and get her home in a cab. I’ll send the address to our apartment and everything. I just can’t do this alone,” Erica faltered. I could feel the ripple of desperation in her voice through the phone. She really cared about this Ava girl.

It was late—almost 2 am—but I couldn’t resist.

“Okay, I’m on it.”

“Thank you, thank you, Celia! Keep me updated, you have my number now.”

“No problem, Erica,” I murmured into the speaker, wary of the deadly glances that Reece was giving me.

After we hung up, I set my phone on the table, releasing a heavy sigh. I looked up at the boy in front of me.

He crossed his arms, squinting his eyes in judgement. “Who was that?”

“Reece, I hope you’re in the mood to turn up because we’re going to a club!”

Casting me a bewildered expression, his face softened and laughed. “I’m in. But please, Celia, never say turn up again.”

“Can do,” I chuckled. “Now, hurry up, we have a lost girl to catch.”

AGH HOW EXHILARATING! That was short, I know, but the scene with Celia’s coming out is among my favorite scenes in the whole book ❤

Thanks for reading! Tune in next week for week 3 of my NaNoWriMo blogs 🙂





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