NaNoWriMo 2017 — Week 4

Hi readers! So, it’s December.

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m late. MY BAD!

So NaNoWriMo ended early for me. And it started late, too. I began November 4th and ended around Thanksgiving. . .

I completed with 30,000 words, and honestly I can live with that, because I finished my book! Okay, so, the manuscript is only 52,000 words, so I need to do some major plot development and add chapters to enrich storyline or whatever.

I’m perfectly okay with not completing the 50k words, and if you didn’t finish NaNo that’s okay as long as you tried!! I used to be like FINISH NANOWRIMO OR ELSE but now I think I’ve matured because I know I tried.

And now, I have more on my plate with a new month here.

In December, I need to read 11 books to finish my Goodreads goal, and will probably abandon writing or editing this month to focus on reading. Next year, I’m hoping to edit 2 novels (at least start editing) and maybe even plot some novels?? I don’t know just a though 🙂

Either way, I skipped NaNo last year so I’m already doing better *wink wink*

Thanks for tuning in this month to read my writing rambles. (OOH that sounds like a segment, future blog posts anyone?)

Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017 — Week 4

  1. Ah that’s so great that you finished your novel, and 30,000 words is still a fantastic achievement! I’m playing catch-up on my GoodReads challenge too, and have 10 books to read if I’m going to catch up! Not sure I’ll do it (especially as I am doing blogmas), but we’ll see 🙂


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