Winter 2018 Reading Update

HELLO WORLD!!!!! I HAVE RETURNED. Alert the media, sound the alarm, etc.

Okay, it’s just been over a month, not a big deal. But hey, I posted quite a few times last year so I’m disappointed that I’ve fallen so behind. (A lot has happened, let me TELL you. Which I will. . .below)


So, if you know, this segment is a favorite on my blog. I talk about what books I’ve read, shows I’ve watched, how school is slowly killing me, etc. etc. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I KNOW IT’S OFFICIALLY SPRING (in the Northern Hemisphere.) I’m just late, and it’s snowing outside so it’s basically winter to me *shrug*

Books & Reading

Since late December, my reading has been pretty good! (February being the best.) I haven’t really been keeping up with my 2018 challenge to read more adult. SORRRRY. But I will get to it, I’m subscribed to Book of the Month now 🙂 Also, I changed my goal of 80 books in 2018 to 70 books, but since I managed to read 10 books in January, I might be able to handle 80 books after all.

SPEAKING OF. I participated in my 2nd ever readathon! (I lost, but I read 4 books of 6 so I am very proud of myself.) It was the Winter Bibliothon, and I read Homegoing, The Scarlet Letter, Scythe, and Thunderhead. (I really enjoyed three of these, feel free to guess which ones *wink*)

NOW, for some final thoughts and wrap-ups between late December and late February (aka, when this is being written.)

Some favorites: The Princess Saves Herself in This One. City of Brass. Fangirl. Turtles All the Way Down. Autoboyography. Scythe. Thunderhead. The Belles. Love, Hate, and Other Filters. From Twinkle, With Love. American Panda. Let’s Talk About Love. Dear Martin. Tyler Johnson Was Here. Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda. Restore Me.

Some not so favorites: As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti. (I gave it 3 stars.)

I’ve been reading 90 percent diverse novels (which is always a good idea) and I hope to continue this the rest of the reading year! I’ve rated most books 4.5 stars in 2018 which is wonderful!

Movies & TV

I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately, but I have been catching up on movies. My goal is to watch 52 movies in a year, aka, one movie a week. (I have 5 watched. . .of 9. I’ll get to that later.)

Here’s what I’ve seen lately: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Death Cure, Coco, Before I Fall, Spaceballs, and Black Panther.

What I want to watch soon: Everyday, Hidden Figures, Wonder, and Love, Simon (again.) (There is definitely more but I don’t always plan them out.)

I hope I can accomplish this one-movie-a-week thing. I have to watch several in a week to catch up, and it’s just March (oops.) Since the movie theaters are adding so many great, diverse movies this year, I don’t think it’ll be too hard 🙂

(My new favorite is Black Panther. What an epic film.)



While I haven’t been watching much TV, I watched One Day at a Time in just 3 days and OH MY GOD SO GOOD!!!!! Plus, I’m watching the weekly premieres of Jane the Virgin, otherwise I haven’t watched much.

Have you watched anything good lately? TV or movies? Tell me in the comments!


UGH SCHOOL. That is all. In my absence, I took my 11th grade midterms, and scheduled my classes for senior year *cue pterodactyl speech* Classes have been pretty manageable, I switched out two classes for my new semester with an art history and I’m really enjoying the daily sketching and Greek mythology lessons 🙂 And I always slip some calligraphy into my sketches if I can :):)

I’m taking the ACT in  just a few weeks *screech* so I’m going to prepare for that by studying as much as possible and taking practice tests and screaming into a pillow—oh, you don’t do that? (And copious amounts of coffee will help too.) (Update: IT WAS HARD)

I have only two and a half months until my AP English exam, so I need to prepare for that too. (My life is just tests, tests, tests, I swear.)

Several students at my school participated in the national walkout. It wasn’t a lot, but luckily my class was on board and I’m glad we did. Our principal wasn’t the most open-minded person, and while I wish we had a giant one like other schools across the country, I’m happy that we did at least something, while some schools in our area were banned from protesting at all! (So much for rights.)

I think that’s it for school stuff? I still hate chemistry, algebra isn’t too bad, AP English has its ups and down, my school is taking security precautions for obvious reasons—so yeah.


I’ve been feeling. . .okay? I think so. Sometimes I get the rush of anxiety for no reason and I’m on edge for a few minutes, but then sometimes I just sit and breathe in, breathe out, and all is okay again. I don’t know.

I’m hoping to ask my parents soon for a therapist. It might have to be through my school counselor—aka, a qualified specialist my parents would believe over their own daughter—but that’s about as personal as I’m going to get, so wish me luck with that as the season progresses!! I just know it will be too difficult to have a job or learn to drive if I don’t take my mental health into my own hands.

(Take this as a lesson, kids.)

Wow, phew, that was oddly therapeutic. Onto fun stuff.

I’m using Duolingo again, and I’m feeling really good in Italian, and I just bought a notebook to learn Spanish! I’m looking for Youtube videos or other outlets where I can write down basics of language so I can at least learn a little on my own! (If you have any recs, comment! I’d love to hear them!) Perhaps I’m just too ambitious, but I want to learn Spanish so bad!

My mom said we might take a vacation to Virginia and North Carolina this summer, we’ll go to Washington D.C., check out some colleges, and maybe even visit some family! I haven’t seen much of either states so it sounds like fun! I just need the greenlight and I’ll be adding a packing list and itinerary to my bullet journal soon *wink*

Let’s see what spring brings!

Thanks for reading! What is your favorite season? Tell me below!




4 thoughts on “Winter 2018 Reading Update

  1. Good luck on APs and the ACT!!!

    I’ve really been wanting to read American Panda! Does it feel more like a slow-paced read or does it feel more fast-paced?


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