Summer 2019 Reading Goals

Hey readers!

Wow, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I sure did a good job of keeping up my blog, didn’t I? Did everyone forget about me? Why do I keep asking rhetorical questions?

ANYWAY. Yes, I’m alive. Now that high school is finally over forever, I have a lot more free time to read books, talk about books, and most importantly, WRITE ABOUT THEM on my blog. And that includes what I plan on reading and accomplishing with my reading this season.

So that brings me here today.

I’ve been on summer vacation for a month now actually ah yes, the only good thing to come out of my senior year in high school was a full 3 month summer break but I’m just now getting to sharing my reading goals for summer 2019.

However, summer didn’t officially begin for us northern hemisphere folks until yesterday, so. . .lucky me! For once, my procrastination isn’t that far off! (For now. . .)

So anyway, for many of us, summer is a time for hot weather, swimming, or sitting in front of a fan for hours inside your home. And while it is those things, it’s also lots more reading time for us (students, mostly) who finally deserve a long awaited break. And because I love the feeling of crossing tasks from a task list, here’s a few goals I intend to accomplish during my next two months on summer vacation!

Read queer/LGBTQIAP+ books for pride month

As many of you might know, June is pride month! I like to use June as an excuse to read exlusively queer/LGBTQIAP+ books and authors. It’s one of the few times a year where I make a pretty solid tbr pile and (try to) stick to it.

Here’s a few books that I’ve read (and adored!) this month so far:

  • i wish you all the best – mason deaver
  • like a love story – abdi nazemian
  • red, white, and royal blue – casey mcquiston
  • naturally tan – tan france

It’s just a few, but I rated all of these books 4 or 5 stars. Compared to my disappointing pride tbr last year, in 2019 I’ve turned into the Goodreads edition of Oprah like YOU GET 4 STARS! YOU GET 5 STARS! YOU ALL GET 4-5 STARS!!!

I might just be lucky though.

Since there’s still a week left in June, I’m hoping to get to these books before July:

  • girls of paper and fire – natasha ngan
  • beyond the black door – a.m. strickland
  • blanca & roja – anna-marie mclemore

Perhaps I’m just being optimistic. I’d be happy to read even just one of these (but let’s shoot for two?) I just know that I want to end pride month off right: hella queer.

Feel free to leave your favorite queer & LGBTQIAP+ novels! I’m always looking out for more recommendations 🙂

Complete my Goodreads Challenge

Back in January, I had no idea how many books to set for my Goodreads challenge. I knew my last semester of high school was going to be rough and it delivered, that’s for sure and I’m going away to college in August, so I wanted to keep my tbr lighter than earlier years.

I settled on 45 books.

As of late June, I’ve read 29 books! That means I have *cue Jeopardy music* 16 books left to complete my challenge! And since I’m going away to college in less than two months, that means I have to read *cue extended Jeopardy music* at least 8 books a month! That could work! As long as I don’t fall into my habit of not reading books for weeks like I did all spring. . .

Okay, perhaps I don’t have this down. I’ll just have to become a homebody more than I already am? and read 24/7 again, I practically already do that.

In conclusion, wish me luck! I definitely need it,

Anyway, let me know your 2019 Goodreads challenge if you’re participating this year!

(But fellow readers, please don’t push yourself too much to finish your GR challenge. It’s good to challenge yourself, but it’s also stress you don’t need, trust me. No matter how many books you’ve read, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.)

Read books that have been on my shelves for ages

You know those books that you’ve had on your shelves for months (or years) and don’t know if you’ll ever pick it up, but you also can’t bring yourself to get rid of it?

Yeah, THOSE BOOKS are so troublesome to my tbr.

So you collect a book on your shelves and tell yourself “yeah sure I’ll read this eventually” and yet that never actually happens? Well guess what? IT’S ABOUT TO FINALLY BE “EVENTUALLY” IN THIS B*TCH!

Was that too much? Sorry, I’ll dial it down.

Point blank, I just have waaaay too many unread books on my bookshelves. It doesn’t help that I’m going to college and will have to pick a select few of them I just shudder thinking about it, really.

So with all of this free time on my hands this summer, I hope to pick up some of these books which have been on my shelves for longer than I’d like to admit:

  • queen of air and darkness – cassandra clare
  • the everlasting rose – dhionelle clayton
  • kingdom of the blazing phoenix – julie c. dao
  • dry – neal shusterman
  • what if it’s us – adam silvera & becky albertalli
  • serious moonlight – jenn bennett
  • mirage – somaiya daud

I definitely want to tackle queen of air and darkness. I need to defeat that beast before it eats me first. (It really is that massive of a book.)

Write more on my blog

So, this doesn’t really have to do with reading itself, but my blog is mostly about reading books, and this is a summer goal of mine.

In short, not completely abandoning my blog is one of my goals for the summer! In fact, I already have some future blog post ideas bouncing around in my head: a mid-year book freak out (beside reading, my favorite hobby is freaking out, so that’s a must), queer/LGBTQIAP+ recs (or just some aro/acespec recs) right before the end of June, an ARC review for a YA fantasy with an asexual (!!!) MC, books I’m taking to college. . .I’ll probably think of some more soon!

Either way, look out for some new posts in the next few weeks!

Until then, you’re stuck reading this (and I thank you for that.)

Thanks so much for reading! Do you set reading goals for yourself? I’d love to know in the comments! Otherwise, I hope you have a lovely day!




9 thoughts on “Summer 2019 Reading Goals

  1. hello jill! i just found your blog and just wanted to tell you that YOU HAVE VERY GOOD READING TASTE. i’ve heard people say good things about red, white and royal blue, and i’m so glad you loved it too. i haven’t read it yet, but i will soon 🙂


    these are some pretty amazing goals too! i’m hoping to get back to reading and blogging regularly, because i’ve kinda lost those habits because of how busy school was in the last two years.
    GREAT POST!! we missed youuuu


  3. I’m not really a goal-setter, even with new year’s resolutions I tend to skimp out because I always doubt that I’ll go through with it, which in all fairness probably isn’t the best of qualities.
    I read What If It’s Us a couple months back and I really enjoyed it, I’d read some of Becky’s meet-cutes before and this one didn’t let me down either. It was my first time reading Adam Silvera as well but I thought their writing styles blended into one another really nicely!


  4. Good luck, Jill! i’m hoping to tackle the monster that is QoAaD too! my library loan should be coming in within the next, like, week and im kinda scared, ngl 😅


  5. Good luck on your reading challenge (mine is 50 and I’m allllmmooost there)! I’ve seen your Instagram posts forever but only just came across your blog. I just started my own blog yesterday and it’s cool to see blogs like yours for inspiration! If you have any advice on building and audience I would love to know…. but if not thanks anyway ❤️


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