About Me

Hiiii my name is Jill and you can probably guess that I love to read. I run a bookstagram account (@booknerd_reads) and decided it was time to have a blog of my own.

I’d like to say my reading journey began in March 2012, when I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and subsequently watched the premiere of the movie the same year. Or I could say I began the journey in September 2012, when I read Harry Potter and became a reader overnight. Or you could go way back when I began jotting down stories in my little spiral notebook as far back as 2008. But no matter when my love of reading began, I don’t think it’ll ever end ❤


In August 2014 I visited the German Book Loft in Columbus, Ohio. When I was there I took a photo (left) that I’d like to consider my first official ‘bookstagram’ photo. Books? Coffee? Fairy lights? I was a book blogger before I even activated my account! (Which was only two weeks later.)

I made my account in late August 2014 and ever since then I’ve been in love with the bookish community I’ve grown to become such a huge part of. Although it took me quite a while to grow, the gradual process has taught me many things about being a reader, photographer, + blogger.

I first began my bookish photography via my iPad Mini, then my iPhone 5S by December 2014, and finally my Nikon D3300 in February 2016. Now up to date, my camera brings me so much joy, it’s everything I imagined it’d be. The limits of my photography are now endless.

image (2)

I officially began my Blogspot in January 2015, but by August I had lost interest in it entirely. It wasn’t until May 2016 that I made a WordPress, shifting my blog once and for all. Although making a blog is never simple, I hope to do great things in the future and post as much as possible.

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I’m so fortunate to be a part of a community as incredible as the bookish one—it’s given me ample opportunities to meet new friends across the globe, receive awesome promotions, and lastly (but most importantly) share my love of reading and photography with everyone on the internet ✧

xoxo, Jill