2017 Bookish Challenge + Resolutions

Hiii readers! I have a rather brief intro here. It’s not far off until the 24 hour countdown to 2017, so I’d like to do a little reflection on my reading in 2016 + insight into my reading habits for the next year. I have lots of plans in terms of my 2017 reading, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys, and maybe even inspire you!

First off, this is my fourth post in the past week, am I not kicking blogging’s ass this winter break? This is exactly what I needed.

So, 2016, it’s been quite a year. *Insert frustrated muffling in the background* But in terms of reading, I did. . .Yeah, it wasn’t that great.

I’ve seen only posts across Twitter and Instagram about my reader + blogger friends completing their Goodreads goal. And me, while I’m super happy for them, look at myself: I dropped my goal by 25 books in the late summer and read only 3/4 of my newest goal, so I gotta admit I was a bit disappointed.

That being said, I really did try. With the study load of US AP History, I was kinda forced to abandon hopes of reading an extensive amount of books. However, one of my goals for 2017 is to manage my time better so I can squeeze reading in more. But. . .With my History exam in the spring, I’ll be studying most nights the next few months. *sigh*

Okay! Depressing reading update aside, I want to share what you’re here for: my bookish goals + resolutions for 2017! I have lots of hopes for 2017, since I’ll work on reading time management, lower my Goodreads goal, + read much more diverse books. But here’s the complete list (There’s two.)

2017 Reading Challenge (Inspired by #UCReadingChallenge2017

Read. . .

  1. A book recommended to you
  2. A book on your tbr for over a year
  3. A book by a diverse author
  4. A book adapted into a movie
  5. A book by a debut author
  6. A sequel
  7. A book all over bookstagram
  8. A classic novel
  9. A retelling
  10. A book outside your comfort zone
  11. A short story or anthology

I’ll admit this challenge overall seems pretty easy, even though the idea of reading a classic intimidates me. But chances are I will have to read something for my English class and I’ll just use that as my entry. What? The challenge didn’t insist I choose the classic myself! And in terms of “book outside your comfort zone” that’s pretty simple since all I read is science-fiction, fantasy, + contemporary. . .#oops

Next, this one is much less a challenge and more like priorities and actual goals for my growth as a blogger and reader. I drew inspiration from the past year and a post on Pinterest to create this mini list below, so I hope you enjoy! Feel free to jot a couple down if you’re interested in accomplishing a few yourself!

2017 Bookish Resolutions 

  1. Read more verse or poetry novels (Milk & Honey + The Princess Saves Herself in This One look fantastic!)
  2. Read a dozen books (approximately?) by #ownvoices and #diversebooks author
  3. Read a book or two with an unreliable narrator
  4. Buy more diverse books (I tried to do a diverse haul and realized that I own very little, which is devastating, so I hope to really integrate diversity into my blogging experience in 2017)
  5. Read a story about immigration (Actually, check out my review for The Sun is Also a Star here, it’s a great example)
  6. A book of any genre that addresses current events or global struggle (Really good example is The Hate U Give which I am really anticipating!)


My Top 12 YA Reads of 2016!

(Can be a monthly release or just read during the month of)

  1. January ≫ Passenger
  2. February ≫ The Love That Split the World
  3. March ≫ Lady Midnight
  4. April ≫ The Raven King
  5. May ≫ A Court of Mist and Fury
  6. June ≫ It Ends With Us
  7. July ≫ This Savage Song
  8. August ≫ Hamilton: The Revolution
  9. September ≫ Gemina
  10. October ≫ The Sun is Also a Star
  11. November ≫ Heartless
  12. December ≫ Caraval

I read some fantastic books this year! Comment some of your faves below! ❤

I’ve been working nonstop within my Bullet Journal to complete my 2017 spreads before the year starts and there is just so much to do. First, I need an intro to 2017 with a pretty calligraphy “hello 2017” which, I wrote “hello 2016” in permanent lettering before closing my journal for the night with a string of swear words on my lips  plus the entire calendar of 2017 with the events + holidays of all 12 months, then I still have to make a spread on my anticipated books for 2017, and then I gotta make a whole calendar for January and and habit tracker after sleep tracker after follower tracker (I like trackers?)

And I’m progressing with my BuJo spreads, slowly, but I’ll be rushing to make January spreads by the time next year rolls along in. . . 25 and a half hours. Huh. That’s terrifying.

I have no idea why I just rambled about my journal. I swear I put more effort into that than my AP US History study sessions my last test grades have been constant C’s, I could use a little consolation from any APUSH veterans.

This blog post could use a little color, so below is a collage of sunset photos I took by a tree outside my brother’s room’s window. I’m always terrified to drop the book, but I’ll admit I like these pics.

This is my last post of 2016, can you believe that? One thing I noted in my Bullet Journal spread on Accomplished in 2016 was ‘Started WordPress’ which isn’t much to the average person, but shifting my blog to WordPress concreted my place as an actual blogger. And you guys, my amazing readers who leave sweet comments and always read my rambling reviews and hauls! So I guess I’m just thanking you for an amazing year! 2017 will be even greater ❤

Now, if you would excuse me, I’ll be rushing to finish my book so that I can say I read 75 books in 2016. . .And by finish my book I mean start + finish 2 books by the end of tomorrow. What’s this procrastination you speak of?

Have you completed your Goodreads goals? What are your bookish goals for 2017? Tell me below!




6 thoughts on “2017 Bookish Challenge + Resolutions

  1. I have completed my Goodreads goal! I haven’t decided what goals I will have for 2017!
    Your reading challenge + resolutions sound great and I hope you accomplish them all!
    I still haven’t set up my BuJo for 2017, but I’m hoping to do this today? Oh well, it will happen!
    I hope you have a great 2017!


  2. I totally failed my Goodreads’ challenge. I only read 40 out of my 50 goal. But it’s okay. I really enjoyed reading last year. Here’s to having more fun in reading and not caring how many books we are to read, but rather, how many books are to touch our hearts this year! ❤


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