Summer Reading Update 2017

Hi readers! It’s tradition of my blog to post a reading update for each season of the year! Which means a late—but still correctly named—summer reading update!

Now, I like fall, don’t get me wrong. However, I’m not a big fan of chilly weather and chapped lips. BUT before you get your pumpkin lattes and sweaters in a twist, let me share my thoughts on summer reading before the season is officially over. As far as I’m concerned, autumn begins on September 22, which gives me roughly two weeks until my favorite season comes to a close.

Perhaps you know that I posted a summer reading goals 2017 on my blog a few months earlier. In this post, I’m going to share the books I read in June, July, August, and September so far, as well as seeing how many goals I accomplished since June ❤

Hope you enjoy!

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Bookstagrammers I’ve Followed Since the Beginning

Hi readers! Guess what today is? MY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ON BOOKSTAGRAM!! On this lovely day in August 2014, I decided to make a book account on a whim and here I am today. Best decision ever.

I’ll do a little background while you’re here. I began bookstagram August 26, 2014. Prior to that, I reposted textposts about bookish things. Nothing spectacular. I got bored of it, and found book photography on Instagram in my recommended. I was intrigued. It looked like fun, and I thought, “why not?” So here I am.

image1 (15)
I took this lovely photo in early August 2014, basically my first ever photo of books. It’s not even a bad photo, I must say.

As a part of my anniversary celebration, I wanted to show some amazing bookstagram accounts that I found in my early days online, and still follow to this day. Some of these OG bookstagrammers are popular and thriving today, in fact. It’s awesome to see some old accounts going strong (like me, hehe.)

Note: This is only a select few that I chose based on my captions and tagged accounts from old photos. Not every account I knew back then is listed, only those that I still keep up with today. 

Let’s get started, then.

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Diversity Recs w/ Jill — Brown Authors & Books

Hi readers! Okaaaay I know what you’re thinking: what’s this new segment Diversity Recs w/ Jill?

Well I’d like to start a little series of diverse books (#ownvoices, specifically) that I’d like to showcase. It’s different from the Diversity Spotlights by Aimal because these recs won’t be in threes, but any number of books and authors I choose.

Today I’m starting off with brown authors and books. I chose to start off with this because Sabaa Tahir revealed her new An Ember in the Ashes covers and she preached about diversity and brown people (or POC in general) deserving of the center stage on book covers and I wholeheartedly agree! That’s why I want to recommend some other brown authors and books 🙂

Note: None of these are in any specific order.


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What it’s Like to be Aromantic Asexual

Hey, readers! I hope you’re having a lovely day. I’d love to share something personal about myself that I’ve recently been discussing on all forms of blogging and social media platforms.

My sexuality.

I identify as aromantic asexuality.

This may at first appear as just fancy liberal lingo, so if you’re new to this, let me break it down.

Aro • man • tic / n.

An aromantic person is an individual who does not experience romantic love or attraction, although this does not preclude them from feeling other forms of love or attraction, such as platonic love.

As for asexuality:

A • sex • ual / n.

An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Unlike celibacy, which people choose, asexuality is an intrinsic part of who someone is. There is considerable diversity among the asexual community; each asexual person experiences things like relationships, attraction, and arousal somewhat differently.

While these are nice, clear definitions for someone who may not know much about us, these definitions only a portion of what it really means to be an aromantic, asexual, or an aromantic asexual.

So, now that you’re acquainted with the dictionary definitions, let’s move onto the more personal, emotional side of it, given by yours truly.

Disclaimer: all information written above or below is complied of things I’ve learned through personal discovery or a variety of aromantic / asexual safe spaces throughout the internet. What another aromantic and/or asexual feels may differ from what I feel. And that’s okay. We come together despite our differences.


Additional sources regarding aromanticism and asexuality are listed at the end of the blog post along with sources used for proper extensive research.

Hope you enjoy ❤

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17 Diverse Books to Read in 2017

Hii readers! I hope you’ve been well lately. My pledge and primary reading goal for 2017 is to read more diversely. I want more than half of the books I read to be diverse. Half the books I buy to be diverse. Half the books I promote to be diverse. You get the point.

And I’m getting there, trust me.

Since my birthday was last week and I turned the ripe old age of seventeen (note the sarcasm) I wanted to do something special. But I wanted it to be unlike last year (which was 16 things to know.) So, tying in with my diverse goal for 2017, I want to share my favorite diverse books from the year so far.

I’ll leave marginalizations and possible trigger warnings in a little snippet below each book title, for further details.

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Bookstagram · Monthly Challenges

#BookTubeAThon 2017 tbr

Hiii readers! I hope you’e having a lovely day! It is the last week in July and you know what that means? The horrific realization that school begins in a month? NO! It’s the annual #BookTubeAThon! Each year, BTAT has daily prompts to read over 7 books in a week. Booktubers can participate in the daily video challenges as well.

But Jill, you say, you aren’t a booktuber!

Yes, sir or ma’am, you are correct. But I am a reader, and a blogger, and as those two things I want to read more in what’s left of July. Y’know, to add to my Goodreads challenge. And crushing my giant tbr pile helps, too. *wink*

So below I’ll be listing the seven daily challenges/prompts for #BTAT17 as well as some brief thoughts on the books. Maybe you’ll join in!

Day 1

Read a book with a person on the cover

(Well, this was easy) Haven by Rebekah Weatherspoon! It it an NA novel set in the woods of NorCal and features a relationship between two people whose lives were quite literally thrust upon each other under horrific circumstances, and are now coping with it together. THAT’S ALL I’LL SAY. I read this book quickly, since I spent 4 hours in a car as of today.


Day 2

Read a hyped book

Warcross by Marie Lu! AH SO I’M READING WARCROSS!! Instead of selling my soul for an ARC, I was able to do an ARC trade and received a copy last week ❤ Warcross is set in the near future and takes places in a video game universe. GIVING ME REAL SWORD ART ONLINE VIBES, mhm I should rewatch that anime while I’m reading. . .

Day 3

Read a book in one day

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire! I don’t know much about this book beside that’s about wayward chidren, contains ace and trans rep, and is very short and can easily be finished in a few hours! So, yeah, pretty excited since literally EVERYONE who recommends a book to me tells me to read EHAD.


Day 4

Read about a character that is different from you

For this, I chose Noteworthy by Riley Redgate! I surprisingly had an issue picking a novel for this prompt, but from what I know, Noteworthy is about (what I’m assuming is a) bisexual singer and while I attempt to sing, I am aromantic asexual and she’s therefore different from me 🙂


Day 5

Read a book outdoors

OKAY, SO I WILL FIGHT SOMEONE ABOUT THIS PROMPT. I’ve been told to read a book “completely outside” now why in the h would I do such a thing? I could read any of the books listed above or below outside and it doesn’t count??? I’m reading Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman. It’s a YA western revenge story set during the California gold rush and I am READY!!


Day 6

Read a cover buy book

I’m reading Dreamology by Lucy Keating! This novel was very popular on bookstagram, and it’s been on my tbr for at least a year and a half, so now I’m finally reading it! ❤ I don’t know much beside a romance based on dream fantasies. . .? Sounds good though!


Day 7 

Read 7 books

I don’t reallyyy know which to put here, I have a few options for books to finish off July so I’ll list them, and who knows, if you read this before July 30, comment below which book you’d like to see me read?

  • Shadowshaper
  • Wildman
  • The Inexplicable Logic of my Life
  • Waste of Space
  • Take the Key and Lock Her Up
  • What to Say Next
  • Hearts, Fingers, and Other Things to Cross
  • Symptoms of Being Human
  • You Know Me Well

These options are so random, and many unknown, but I collected them from my physical shelf and my digital shelf, so if you’ve read/heard any good things, please comment so I can see!

Thanks for stopping by! Are you participating in BookTubeAThon too? Happy reading!



Unboxings + Promotions

Bookish Boxes #4 — Muse Monthly

Hello readers! Today I have an unboxing from one of my most admired bookish subscription boxes — Muse Monthly!

If you haven’t heard of them, Muse Monthly is a monthly subscription box which caters to (more often than YA) adult diverse books and provides a type of tea that goes with each monthly read. Compared to other boxes on the market, Muse Monthly is much more minimalist in content.

I’ve never received a box until this month, even though I’ve always kind of wanted one. However, Muse Monthly offered to send me a box in exchange for an honest review and I couldn’t refuse! I received the June anniversary box, which contained two types of tea instead of one!


  • Carnivalesque by Neil Jordan
  • Muse loose green tea
  • Muse loose pink tea
  • “read diverse books” sticker
  • “tea books lover” sticker

First off, I adored the mystical carnival vibes I instantly got from the Carnivalesque novel. Judging by the concept of it—a boy named Andy visits the magical carnival, and in the funhouse mirror, Andy discovers his clone. The clone goes home with the Andy’s family while he remains trapped at the carnival with a mysterious girl named Mona goodreads—which overall sounds super intriguing.

At this point, I’m considering purchasing The Night Circus, just so I can add to the mysterious carnival theme going on with Caraval and Carnivalesque. All in all, I’m very eager to read this book sometime this year.

Onto the teas. I love tea. Tea is (usually) healthier than coffee, and can be a nice relaxing decaf drink if I want it to be. However, I’ve never tried loose tea before! From what I’ve read, you can buy either a fancy contraption to brew the tea, or you can use a plain strainer (which I’m considering.) Either way, I’m very excited to try my first loose tea.

Fun fact: from the way the tea tins looked, I assumed they were candles, and even put my unboxing vlog on my Instagram story. I deleted immediately after I realized the tins were in fact, not candles, but loose tea.

As for the stickers, these may be my favorite thing about the box. These adhesive stickers have a glossy finish. One says, “READ feminist multiracial LGBTQIA+ translated neurodivergent DIVERSE BOOKS” and the other “TEA BOOKS LOVE” and I adore them both so much ❤

It’s wonderful to see a bookish box devoted to diversifying YA and adult books, and that’s exactly what you get from Muse Monthly. This was my first box, but I certainly hope it’s not my last! In fact, if they ever need a rep, consider me interested 🙂

As you can tell, I really enjoyed my June box from Muse Monthly, and I hope I can work with them again? I’ll leave the link so you can purchase your own box, or check out their site and what they have to offer. I hope you liked my review!

Muse Monthly: check them out here

What’s your fave subscription box? If you’ve never received one, which would you love to try? Thanks for reading!




Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

Hiii readers, how are you? *Slams head into wall* HOW IS IT JULY I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S JULY!! Don’t get me wrong, I love July, it’s hot, my birthday is this month, I’m on summer vacation, the year is halfway over. . .

But I also hate July.

It’s blazing hot, I’M ALMOST 17, my AP English homework lurks over my summer vacation, and the YEAR IS HALF OVER. I’m gone, guys, this year is too quick to be real. Oh well, as soon as I found this tag I knew I needed to do ASAP.

The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag is a tag which allows us readers and bloggers to celebrate the books we’ve read the first half of the year, as we panic on how behind we all are on our Goodreads challenge.

I was tagged in the Mid Year Book Freak Out tag by Liv or curlyhairbibliophile, which is shocking since I usually just do these anyway, regardless of being tagged. Today, it seems, I follow the rules. I hope you enjoy my bookish freak out below ❤

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Bookstagram · Wrap Up + Hauls

Haul Inclusive—Pride Books 2017

Hi readers! Happy pride month! This June is a little bit different for me. Mostly because 2017 is the first year I identified as queer—aka aromantic asexual—so it’s very exciting to be more than just an ally this time around ❤

And in honor of pride month, I planned a giant book haul which involved all sorts of sexualities, orientations, and genders from various YA books (#ownvoices and not.) I hope you enjoy me emptying my wallet for pride month! I will also be sharing which books I binged during June (so far) and tell you what my thoughts were on them!

(Note: I do not speak of behalf on members of the queer community and the rep in these novels, just sharing my honest thoughts as a reader.)

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